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    Pirámide del Sol, Zona Arqueológica de Teotihuacán. México.


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    Julio 6, 1907 - Julio 13, 1954

    Feliz cumple Frida!

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    The ladies of La Cruz Blanca, a volunteer group of nurses founded in 1913 during the Mexican Revolution. La Cruz Blanca offered medical assistance to all soldiers despite of their political association, often risking their lives by crossing into American territory to aid the wounded.

    La Cruz Blanca was founded by Leonor Villegas de Magnón, a political activist, teacher, and journalist.

    (above picture of Magnón courtesy of NPS)

    Aside from forming La Cruz Blaca, Magnón wrote articles in the newspaper La crónica in support of the Mexican Revolution. She also wrote La rebelde (The Lady Rebel), an autobiography that chronicles the events of the Mexican Revolution while she served for La Cruz Blanca

    Magnón’s efforts during the Mexican Revolution finally earned her five medals, making an official hero of the Revolution.

    The picture of the ladies of La Cruz Blanca is courtesy of the University of Houston’s Special Online Collection, where more information can be found on Magnón, including the Spanish and English manuscript of La rebelde.

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    Danny Lyon Namequepa, Chihuahua, Mexico

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    Hablando de COMIDA mexicana

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    On The Street, Mexico City. Tortilleria y Molino. La Merced, Mexico City

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    A Huichol artist holds a religious sculpture. 1895. Carl Lumholtz.

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    David Alfaro Siqueiros tomando un descanso y volviendo al trabajo en el mural “La Humanidad”, 1965

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    "Una mirada dentro de la Escuela Zapatista" Por Colectivo131

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    “This May Not Be Our Country, But It Has Always Been Our Land”

    Protest sign seen Wednesday in San Diego at a demonstration in solidarity with child migrants and their families. In the spirit of Yolanda López, Gloria Anzaldúa, and many more, its truth is powerful and undeniable.

    “We want to be the voice of all these children. With their situation, their rights are violated by the government. We ask that they be treated with dignity and respect, to be provided with legal assistance in order to be legally represented,” reads a statement posted by one of the demonstration’s organizers.

    Thanks to Kim Moore for sharing her photo with us.

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    Frida a través del lente de Nickolas Murray.

    Un romance que inició en 1931 y duró 10 años.

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